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SGD 22

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Full cover

Get used to perfect alignment covering the whole screen. Paying attention to every single corner.

Touch sensitive

Every touch is responsive without leaving smudges behind. Tested for on-screen fingerprint logins.

Ultra clarity

Transmits over 99% of screen light to ensure images remain crisp and clear at all times.

"Have someone verified at screen protector installation come to you!"


What types of screen protector do you offer?

We supply 2 types of screen protector:
– Phones with a curved screen will get a NanoTech Clear Hydrogel Film Screen Protector 
– Phones with flat-screen will get a NanoTech Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

* Do note that the order is subject to availability. Payment is only processed after the order is complete.

Why only hydrogel screen protector is available for curved screen Android phones??

We tested tempered glass screen protectors on curved screens Android phones and they weren’t as touch-sensitive as we'd like. Especially with models that have on-screen fingerprint capabilities, unlocking is not possible at times. Read more on it here. This is why we only recommend hydrogel film – full cover for Android phones. Hydrogel films have incredible strength and they are not susceptible to cracks and scratches.

Are you regulated?

Chendol is licensed by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) under the a dealers licence class and is also a licensed secondhand goods dealer with the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Can I order without the app?

The short answer is no. The app has a digital keychain that allows unique identification of a user’s phone. This helps verified merchants recognize the phone they are working with.

What's NanoTech?

NanoTech is a local supplier of premium screen protectors. The company has built its reputation on higher quality materials and better product design. They are the best selling screen protector brand in Singapore with over 125k reviews online. Check them out!

When is delivery?

You will be to order the screen protector service as early as next day. Deliveries occur daily in 2-hour time-slots from 11am to 11pm.

How much is it?

It costs only S$22 nett. Parts and labour included. 

Please note that tablets (and iPads) with screen size wider than 8″ inches cannot be supported for the time being.

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